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If You Will, Then You Can Be It: Story of Tien-Chou Chang技職達人 - 新北高工張添洲校長

客戶 Client 中華民國商業職業教育學會 Commercial Vocational Education Society 腳本 Script 蔡沛宇 Peiyu Tsai
插畫 Illustration 鐘千惠 Chien-Hui Chung 導演 Director 陳欣緯 Hsin-Wei "ADI" Chen
動態設計 Motion Graphic Design 陳欣緯 Hsin-Wei "ADI" Chen 旁白 Narrator 黃郁欣 Yuhsin Huang

Born in a farmer's family in poverty, Tien-Chou Chang didn't fail his heart of chasing knowledge.  After 25 years of hard work, from technical tutor to D.A., Tien-Chou Chang is now the President of New Taipei Industrial Vocational High School.

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